Spring 2014

MadRunway Spring 2014

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All photos by Mando Photography.

Featured Designers


Alyssa Kristin

Alyssa Kristin

Alyssa Kristin’s inaugural collection effortlessly balances timeless elegance with Hollywood glamour. Alyssa Kristin designs for brides who epitomize style and grace and have a confident sense of self. Alyssa’s design philosophy is to enable women to embrace their femininity through refreshingly chic yet understated gowns. Her gowns celebrate the feminine figure while conveying a sense of romantic refinement. Alyssa enjoys pushing the “bridal” boundaries to create fresh, yet timeless designs. The Alyssa Kristin bride finds beauty in the details, rejoices in the non-traditional, and wants a gown to reflect her unique personality.


Emily Osterbauer

Emily Osterbauer

Emily Osterbauer’s design is a merging of classic elements and modern trend in a way that is both feminine and structured. She concentrates on unique style lines, femininely structured silhouettes, and specific fabric choices when designing. Overall, her goal is to create apparel that is classic, trendy, and sophisticated for the contemporary woman.

dimes & wednesday

MR Photo


Through her brand dimes & wednesday, Meg Petty creates casual clothing with a minimalist approach and an emphasis on hidden details, quality, and fit.

Meg is motivated to create a covetable wardrobe that embraces individuality through limited production and one-off garments. Her belief is in designing functional clothing for everyday wear.

Meg says her clothes are made to play in and are quality investment pieces that will last you for years. With dimes & wednesday she aims to move away from disposable clothing and reinforce the quality that American Made stands for.

Lauren Lynch

floral dress - lauren lynch


In summer 2013, Lauren left a large tech company to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a fashion designer. Originally from New Jersey, Lauren Lynch now calls Madison, WI home.
Lauren designs timeless clothes to empower strong women. You will see tailored pants, liquid evening gowns, suits and sundresses that transport the wearer above time and place. Lauren enjoys making clothes that she and other women are excited to wear!

Maggie Modena

Modena pic smaller


A bold, energetic, adventurous and effortless women’s fashion brand with easy to wear, flowy dresses, shirts and skirts that show off one-of-a-kind prints designed by Maggie herself. Modena is for a woman who wants extra personality with her clothes and would like to stand out with little effort.
After attending the Fashion Institute of Technology and working in handbag design in New York City, designer, Maggie Welsh, moved back to pursue her dream of creating her own line in her hometown, Madison.

A HUGE thanks to those who helped make this show happen:

Featured Hair & Makeup Artists

Katrina King of Bella Artistry

Alice Ezrow of Union Hair Parlor

Brandee Danielle

Music Provided By

Rectify Electrify

Lighting Run By

Brandon Duerst & Jaimie Doering

Photography By

Patrick Gerhart

Corey Losenegger

Rachel Lysenko

Mando Photography

Graphic Design By

Cydney Wiedenbeck